We are propelling individuals into the 21st-century society equipped to change it and to become the trendsetters and culture shifters who take the Gospel and the name of Jesus and share it.


The LCC Internship, known as the “Krató Experience, is an incredible opportunity for you, as a college student, to spend a summer or semester growing in your faith and building the Church.

Krató Experience is not just a regular internship to gain knowledge and work experience—it is something much more. Krató is the Greek term for “intern.” This experience is about allowing college students to immerse themselves fully into ministry, providing an environment to be mentored and discipled like the early church. The Krató Experience is about applying the biblical model of discipleship in a modern way.

We believe in the potential of people becoming world-changers by impacting the kingdom of God in massive ways. It’s more than an experience. It’s a platform for people to launch and step out fearlessly into what God has, to rise and go.

We guarantee in the experience that interns will work harder than they have ever worked before, but they will walk away having experienced more than they would have imagined. We believe that every intern will grow professionally, personally, and spiritually in profound ways, while also being developed as leaders. The ultimate goal is to train leaders for the 21st-century church.

Additionally, interns will have the opportunity to sit under the teaching/mentoring of our experienced leaders. They’ll be challenged to be greater as they invest their lives in something with a local, national, and global impact.


Your Active Week
In an environment that’s always moving, no week will ever look the same. Summer internships begin each May and end in July. The length of the summer internship program is nine weeks. Catch a glimpse of how your time will be spent while you’re an intern at LCC:

Orientation Week
Monday • Move into host homes
Tuesday • Orientation
• LCC Tour
• All Staff Meeting
• All Staff Lunch Together
• Middle School Youth Group
Wednesday • Connect 101 Class
• Grow 201 Class
• High School Youth Group
Thursday • Serve 301 Class
• Reach 401 Class


Second Week
• Ministry Departments Share Time
• Testimony Time
• Stage Time


Routine Weeks
• Stage Time
• Taste and See
• The Morning Five
• #wednesdayonezies
• P2


An internship or job at LowCountry Community Church is unlike any other you’ve had. You’ll be challenged. You’ll be inspired. And you’ll be proud. No matter what you do here, you’ll be part of something big.

How many interns do you accept?
The 2018 LCC internship program has space for five interns.

How long does the internship program last?
Summer internships begin each May and end in July. The length of the summer internship program is nine weeks.

How can I get college credit?
If your college or university offers internship opportunities, our leadership team will work directly with your counselors and/or professors to ensure you meet all the necessary requirements to get credit.

If you have questions about housing, transportation, pay, eligibility, or other specific details about the Krató Experience, please download our handbook. We would love to answer any other questions you may have. Contact us at


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Our staff is committed to your growth and development in the LowCountry Community Church Internship Program.

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