The LCC Internship will help you learn how you can shape today's culture and become a trendsetter to change your community and world with the message of Jesus Christ.


Spend this summer becoming the type of leader needed most by today’s church.

The LCC Internship is not just a regular internship to gain knowledge and work experience—it is something much more.  This experience is designed to help you fully immerse yourself  into ministry, providing an environment to be mentored and discipled while applying the biblical model of discipleship in a modern way.

You will work harder than ever, but you will walk away having experienced more than you could have ever imagined. This is an amazing opportunity to grow professionally, personally, and spiritually in profound ways!

The LCC Internship will help you learn to step out fearlessly into what God has planned for your life. If you want to change the world and impact it for the kingdom of God, it’s time to take the next step!


An internship or job at LowCountry Community Church is unlike any other you’ve had. You’ll be challenged. You’ll be inspired. And you’ll be proud. No matter what you do here, you’ll be part of something big.

  • Eligibility
    The LCC internship program has space for five interns.
  • Payment
    As an LCC intern, you will be paid a stipend of $150/week biweekly to offset living expenses.  
  • Housing
    Free housing is offered through host families to all interns that live outside of the LowCountry area.
  • Dates
    Interns will begin on May 28 and the internship will last until July 28. Most weeks interns will have a minimum one day off per week.
  • Accreditation 
    School credit is available in almost all scenarios with prior knowledge of accreditation needed. LCC Intern Staff will work directly with the college or university to assure that proper credit is awarded.

If you have questions about housing, transportation, pay, eligibility, or other specific details about the LCC Internship, please download the LCC Internship handbook. We would love to answer any other questions you may have. Contact us at


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Our staff is committed to your growth and development in the LowCountry Community Church Internship Program.

Interested in the LCC Internship?