LCC Kids

Week Day Club: Serves as the weekend preparation team for our LCC Kids rooms. Responsibilities include inventory (restocking snacks and registration areas), maintaining and cleaning toys, preparing crafts, activities, and games for the weekend services, and classroom set-up and preparation. Commitment is two hours every week on a morning of your choice from 10:00am – 12:00pm.

Greeting Team: Serve as the front line in welcoming our children and their families to LCC Kids. Responsibilities include warmly meeting and greeting children and families, answering questions, and registering children for their class. Commitment is 40 minutes (20 minutes before the service and 20 minutes into the service) one to four times a month. You must be 18+ years old unless volunteering with a parent.

Nursery Team: Serve as a shepherd to our children through the fostering of love and affection to infants and toddlers and actively engage to meet their needs. Commitment is one and a half hours on Sunday morning and must be 13+ years old (eighth grade and up).

Life Group Leader: Shepherd and lead a small group of children (ages three years old through fifth grade) through the curriculum. Connect with the children and families during the week through postcards and/or phone calls. Read and prepare to facilitate the discussion at home prior to Sunday morning. Commitment is two hours each week (one and a half hours on Sunday, half hour during the week).

Special Needs Buddy: Serve special needs children one-on-one that require assistance to be able to fully participate in LCC Kids. Keep children engaged and involved in their class, and stay with child through the entire service until parents come to pick up their child. Commitment is one and a half hours each Sunday.

Jr. Worship Team: Lead children in a specific age group through a meaningful worship experience. Songs are connected to the Bible Story of the day. Teach kids the motions to songs and lead them as they sing. Commitment is two hours each week and is open to middle school students.

Jr. Tech Team: Partner with the Large Group Storyteller to provide technical support for audio visuals embedded in the lessons. Commitment is once a month during all three services and is open to middle school students.

Childcare Team: Take care of children, birth through 5th grade, at various events, classes, and Bible studies. Commitment is two-three hours depending on the event or class. Must be 16+ years old.

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